revision policy

– We at www. take pride in providing only high quality papers.
– We are always ready and willing to rework on your order should you feel that your instructions were not adhered to as you expected.
– We offer three free revisions per order; once the three revision requests have been used, you will be expected to place a new order for proofreading and editing in case you need more revisions.
– After receiving the final copy of the product, you are allowed to submit a revision request within 14 days. After the 14 days have elapsed, you are in no position to request for a revision.
– Please note that we offer up to three free revisions within the 14 days window (from the time you received the final copy of the product). After delivering the revised copy of the product, you have another 7 days to review it; once the seven days have elapsed, you are in no position to request for a revision.
– Revisions requests will be accepted only if the initial instructions have not been changed.
– Once a revision request has been submitted, we will provide the revised product within 72 hours. In case you need the revision to be done in less than 72 hours, you are free to set your own deadline. Kindly contact the support team ASAP so that your deadline is set accordingly.
– In case revision instructions are not similar to the initial instructions, the revision request will be turned down, and you are expected to submit a new order.
– Deadline: You can request any of our three free revisions at any time before pressing the “Approve” button. Thus, do not press it immediately and view the document fully in the preview mode. If you cannot clearly see the text in the preview mode due to technical problems, contact our Customer Support Representatives and ask them for another way to see the work preview. Please note that the more time you give us, the better the final result will be. Your order will be considered as delivered on time if its first version was not late.
– The number of revisions: We can complete three revisions absolutely for free only if they satisfy the conditions listed above. Please note that you can write as many revision instructions as necessary in each email.

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