Academics is a tool designed to equip one with skills for decision making. as such it has been regulated to be a stepwise process to knowledge acquisition. At the high school level, students are taken through varied subjects to master theoretical content and application in solving problems. To be able to trail through and come out successfully, a student needs to understand a set of issues;
1. Time management: If there is one character that a student should understand and act out from the start to the end is how to manage own time and attend school programmes. This calls for waking up early enough to prepare and be ready for the day’s classes. It involves not missing an activity on the timetable. While at it student learns core competencies.
2. Discipline: Probably the central behavior that holds other good traits. A student who is well mannered in handling themselves health-wise, mentally, and spiritually will consequently reciprocate the same in their academic achievement
3. Communication: It is a very important facet of life to communicate with others. Students are not always good at it yet they should continuously work to ensure they understand to pass a message across from whatever is affecting them or feel good about. Choosing the right friends to communicate with is an interesting affair to follow up.

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