lab report on spelling ability in primary school children

This assignment is a lab report on spelling ability in primary school children. (School children reading).
Students should write a report that addresses the development of spelling ability over three age groups from 5-9 and also compares the performance of boys and girls.
Students are required to write a full practical report based on this data. The report should contain Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and conclusion.
I will send data for this report. (ANOVA) SPSS Output and post hoc. please draw the table.

***What I need for all section.
Must provide a clear, succinct overview of your study
Introduction point, method point (design, participants, materials, procedure), results point and discussion point
That means What was investigated – background & aims
Experimental design
Description of participants
Brief description of results
How were the results interpreted and discussed?
No more than a sentence or two for each, no longer than 200 words in total

Introduction: (why you did it) from General to Specific:
Briefly describe the general area being studied children’s reading
Review previous findings relating to both factor 1 (age) and factor 2 (sex).
Consider appropriate theories
Rationale for your study
Outline hypothesis for your study
Do not state the null hypothesis

Method: Design
Make sure it is replicable!
Include enough detail
Four subsections:
Non-experimental design (sometimes known as natural design) with existing groups

Describe both factors including all levels. Dependent variable.

Method: Participants
Recruitment, sample size & sex for all age groups

Method: Materials
Describe DAP including scoring system.

Method: Procedure
Include information on ethical approval and consent (look the example report from my teacher she describes that I need the same)
The hardest part is recognising what information is relevant
and what is irrelevant

Start with a sentence about treatment of data
Include a table of descriptive statistics (mean, SD) including total across each factor:
Don’t forget to include N (please, again look to the example report how the teacher did that) look at to the table I need the same way.

Analyse data using independent groups ANOVA
Report all main finding statistics (age and sex) & interaction statistics, see the example how the teacher did that I need the same way, please.

Include a table of post hoc statistics (see the example report how the teacher did that I need the same way please). i will send the post hoc data file .

Then describe (with reference to your tables), where the significant differences (if any!) occur (see the example please)

If you do find a significant difference, then explicitly report the difference with reference to the descriptive statistics (means)

If you do not find a significant difference, then do not discuss means in a way that implies there is

Report factual information, don’t make any inferences here.

Restate results in words to begin
Interpret results in relation to hypotheses and previous research and theory: This is the main focus of the discussion
Include limitations but don’t be overly critical, also state strengths
Present relevant future suggestions on how to extend research
Finish with a conclusion

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